About Us

LivingWell is a faith-based store serving the Washington D.C. metropolitan region, with a mission to help people lead healthier and spiritually-meaningful lives. Founded in 1904 as an Adventist book center, by the 1960's the store expanded to cater to the greater Christian community. We now serve thousands of people in the area by providing them with Christian literature, healthy and specialty foods, organic skincare and beauty products, Christian music, gifts, and more. LivingWell currently has accounts with churches from 23 different denominations and has become known as the "community store for better living." It is our privilege to share the gospel with the community, and witness lives transformed by a relationship with Christ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You're primarily a Christian store, but do you serve non-Christians?
A: Of course! Our store doesn't stand to serve only Christians; that's hardly a Christian mindset at all. Many of our products are not strictly Christian, such as our groceries, healthcare, and skincare products, giving people of all religious and spiritual background reason to shop at our store. We invite anyone in our community to visit us, whether for Christian products or just for organic groceries. Our doors are open to all!

Q: Is your store Seventh Day Adventist?
A: Yes, LivingWell is owned by the Potomac Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, and all of our staff are Adventist. Initially, LivingWell was known as the Potomac Adventist Book Center (Potomac ABC), but has since changed its name to LivingWell as a way to reach community members who may not have known what our store was, or felt they weren't allowed to shop here. We specialize in many Adventist products, including a wide variety of books published by Adventist authors and vegemeat brands produced by Adventist companies, but we also sell plenty of other non-denominational Christian products and products which simply foster more healthful living. LivingWell hopes that anyone - Adventist or non-Adventist - enjoys shopping here and finds healthful products that better their lives. 

Q: Do you have any pastors on staff?
A: Yes, we do! We currently have two pastors working on the floor as sales associates, and you can generally find them in the book and Bible department. You are welcome to speak to our pastors about spiritual and religious matters, or just to get a recommendation for a good book. All of our staff are Christian though, so if you need extra prayer, you're welcome to ask a staff member to pray with you. 

Q: Do you have other locations?
A: No, LivingWell currently only has one location, located in Silver Spring, MD. There are other Adventist Book Centers in the region, but LivingWell is the largest and carries the widest variety of product.